Team Leader Certification

Team Leader Certification

For more than 25 years, Knowledge Gain Learning Systems has created exceptional training programs for executive groups and team leaders. Their methods proven so successful with business leaders have now been integrated with a step-by-step process leading to discovery and then execution of innovation. Why? Team leadership and innovation are widely recognized as the essential qualifications for leaders in the 21st century because attempts to take full advantage of technology and new organizational designs have demonstrated that simply putting people together and calling them a team is producing less than desired results. Now is the time for well-trained team leaders. Those who know how to take a group of individuals and transform them into high-performing teams and know how to execute innovative ideas will separate themselves from those who lack this knowledge. Getting certified by a respected training institution provides recognition that you have prepared yourself to succeed in today's world. Your success will be found in the increased confidence you feel and the confidence others have in you because you will be producing better results.

How It Works and How You BenefitLeadership

You will take two online companion courses (see below) and then take a certification test. After the test is complete, you will benefit by developing a professional distinction that solidifies your status an expert in your field, which will bolster your career options. You can add to your resume, increase your salary, and qualify for promotions.

How Your Company Benefits

Your company benefits by developing leaders who know how to execute new ideas, develop new efficiencies, accomplish more, and solve problems faster. Employees with these skills are highly sought after. Teams will be better organized, communication will improve, and greater results will be accomplished.


Two companion training programs will help you learn to be an entrepreneurial executive and develop team leadership.

Part I: Train Team Leaders to Execute Innovation

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You will learn how to develop and apply personal skills in a team setting. You will also learn how to define the direction, develop strategy, organize a collaborative plan with others, and create an accurate measurement process—all linked to the tools of innovation. Make your team powerful and effective at executing.

Part II: The New Entrepreneur Executive

Our entrepreneurial leadership system, combined with the tools of innovation, shows you how to take your great ideas and implement them. Entrepreneurial leaders create a shared vision and align the work of all involved around that vision. Executive leaders encourage and nurture the processes that support innovation and build the capacity of the people they lead. When these two types of leadership combine together, you can forge productive alliances both inside and outside of the organization and develop the capacity to facilitate continuous exploration, idea generation, and actual innovation.