Our step by step training programs can be implemented in any type of organization and were designed to allow you to implement what you learn immediately into your daily work. We have seen school principals accomplish this new teamwork with their teachers, parent groups, and community resources. We have seen this successfully applied by engineers, telecommunication managers, project managers in several industries, department supervisors in construction and insurance and executive teams including those of an NBA team.

These training programs have been and can be applied in small or large organizations, including medical clinics, dental offices, mental health clinics, and law offices. They are designed to promote success in any organization where effective teamwork is hoped for and necessary—the result being a strong sense of teamwork, effective communication, and high-performing teams that innovate and execute.



The certification programs for team leaders and team members offers e-tools that will enable you to help your team become more innovative and creative. They are designed to provide basic training for anyone wishing to build innovation skills. This is not just a series of mental exercises but is a focus on building the capacity of team members by developing the mental, social, and emotional qualities that groups of people need in order to start and finish innovative efforts. Below is the list of training programs you will find that will help you successfully lead team members and prepare them with the resources to innovate.

  • Team Leader Skills

  • Learning Faster and Better

  • Peak Performance: Mind and Spirit

  • The New Creativity

  • Getting & Keeping a Good Memory

  • Manage Your Money and Manage Your Life

  • Peak Performance: You and Your Environment

  • People Skills That Motivate: Getting the Best Results With Others

  • Uncommon Customer Service

  • Increase Responsibility & Develop Accountability

  • Peak Performance: Body and Mind

  • Creating a High-Performance Work Environment

These resources will help you first learn and then apply the skills that make teamwork effective—especially teamwork that produces innovation. These flash programs can also be used to teach and train others.



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