Unleash Creativity and Execute

Our team leadership training program creates a rich environment for new ideas. Because creativity is stimulated among unified team members, team leaders have ready access to the means of implementing what is better.

Geneva Rock, one of our clients, demonstrated this combination of creativity and execution in one of their team meetings. A team member proposed how to used technology to measure the performance of their concrete truck drivers. This was carried out by team members. Once everyone could see a measure of the time and effectiveness, performance dramatically improved.

Management at Larry H. Miller Automotive is another excellent example. They wished to expand their markets, and they needed new ideas to solve the problem of lower sales in the early part of the thirty-day reporting cycle. Early month sales showed better margins. They used technology to provide daily instead of monthly reports. More frequent data permitted them to react faster to low performance in their sales force. More importantly, they created incentives for early month sales, and cars were sold more profitability. They also organized online sales (which expanded their markets), improved communication in their organization, and created simulated training programs to increase the speed and effectiveness of training new employees and potential leaders. Their significant increase in profitability was linked to the advantages that creative application of technology provided.