Ensure Effective Leadership

Nothing much happens without good leadership. In its truest sense, leadership is taking people and organizations to places of achievement and accomplishment they have never been. You can ensure effective leadership when your leaders communicate the defined direction of your company and attach their strategies to that direction. The success of leadership is also often determined by how deeply and broadly good leadership can be spread throughout any organization.

The Larry H. Miller Sports and Entertainment company's improved leadership allowed them to successfully develop an internet combo, linking online ticket sales to the Utah Jazz games, movie theaters, and the Miller Sports Park. Customers moved seamlessly from one site to another. This new and powerful approach allowed them to maximize advertising and made every business a portal into a potential buying system.

Another client, Prestige Finance, benefitted from more effective leadership. They were able to expand their market to auto dealerships, where they provided subprime loans in five states and did it in less than the expected time. This was achieved because sales, customer service, and loan officers worked as a team to better serve their clients’ (the dealerships) customers. This enabled them to cut the time it took to approve and complete financial transactions. Their service improved, and more customer dealerships joined them because they could process loan applications faster with less loss.

SunRoc Building Materials used our method of training team leaders and team members simultaneously. Their objective was to expand their market with six other partner construction and insurance companies within their parent organization. Developing better teamwork and using the tools of innovation enabled them to form better working alliances within their organization and then expand their market to other external customers.