Engineering and Construction Leadership & Innovation

The current workplace is changing. How we do our work, collaborate, and communicate with others is continually shaped by technology and other tools to increase productivity. Hiring more people can be costly when you consider the time it takes to find and train new employees. Becoming more efficient will allow you to improve the capacity of your people, streamline the processes they use, and become more profitable.

Our team-led innovation pattern will give you as a team leader and your team the tools to find new efficiencies. Good team participation provides a continual source of creativity; equally important, it also generates the ability to put new ideas to work so you can become more efficient. Combining better teamwork with knowing and agreeing on the processes of innovation will not only increase the capacity of your employees, it will give you new uses for your products and new ways to communicate with your customers. You can more intelligently segment your customers, identify and better serve repeat customers, and apply “up-sell” methods more effectively.

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Our remarkable team-leadership system ensures that you will have the tools to create more efficiencies and quickly identify new strategies and implement them. This is what our clients W.W. Clyde & Co. and Gunthers Comfort Air did. W.W. Clyde & Co., a network of six construction-related businesses, identified remarkable new methods of forming alliances within their organization to improve sales. Gunther’s Comfort Air, a growing heating and air conditioning company, started their management teams on a program of innovation that led to making their service personnel part of their sales force. Gunthers Comfort Air