Design Effective School Leadership

At the very time our nation’s children need better schools and a better educational experience, a set of demonstration schools who applied our principles of teamwork, leadership, and innovation produced an average of five percent improvement in academic achievement in one year. These schools represent different demographics, showing that school leadership, when functioning in teams, can compensate for students who may be less prepared and/or able to learn. Upland Terrace, West Elementary, Heritage School, Green Acres Elementary, and Almaden Country Schools represent more than 150 schools in several states who have applied our principles to their educational practices and produced the astounding results that come from team-led innovation.

These results also demonstrate that the collaboration between teachers, administrators, and parents adds tremendous power to produce better outcomes.This unusual level of teamwork and achievement is by itself evidence of the effectiveness of team-led innovation and can become the characteristic of any school that wants to improve. We hope to be able to help many more schools achieve a high level of improvement and success.