Communicating With Others In Your Organization

Communicating with Others in Your Organization



Information Distribution Skills: “Source, message, desired response.”


A.        Send information about your department to upper management to inform them about progress

            you are making.


B.        Regularly discuss with those you supervise how your department’s achievements are linked to

            company goals.


C.        Schedule a sequence for communicating fully about new assignments, new policies or

            procedures, and new relationship skills.


D.        Ask yourself, “How do I know when I have sent or received enough information?”


E.        Evaluate yourself on the following information tasks and ask yourself what you will practice

            so you can improve in each of the areas.


                        1.         Conducting meetings

                        2.         Writing memos

                        3.         Face-to-face conversations

                        4.         Teaching and explaining complex ideas

                        5.         Discussing someone’s personal problems

                        6.         Problem solving with other managers

                        7.         Talking with your supervisor

                        8.         Disclosing your own thoughts and feelings


F.         Discuss the following question with your team: How can we improve the way we distribute

            information in this company to develop a model that fits us? Examine: meetings (schedule and

            purpose), interdepartmental communication, and supervisor-to-individual employee



G.        Construct an information model that fits what you do.