Bottom line is that our partnership with 6Innovations generated incredible results. Last year we increased net profits by 71% over the previous year and did so during a historically difficult climate for our practice area.  I can recommend 6Innovations and their model of consulting and training without reservation.

Jared Ellis, President
Myler Disability

"We believe our management teams are stronger and work more effectively."

–Larry H. Miller, Owner/President
The Utah Jazz & Larry H. Miller Auto Group

"The [Catalyst Leadership System] is revolutionary and its results are extraordinary. People are working together much more cooperatively, efficiencies have increased so much that they are right off the scale, and most importantly to me is that it will enable our business to move into a level of growth in a much more effective and easy manner.

Thomas Mower Sr., President/CEO



"This leadership system has made a huge difference in our effectiveness and profitability. It has an unusual way of helping us identify and overcome obstacles that have inhibited our growth."

– Sherm Robinson, CEO
Lehi Roller Mills

"This leadership program has streamlined the core functions of our organization which has made us more efficient and more effective."

– Ben Chase, CEO
CableLink Inc.


Myler disability logo

Improved net profits by 71% over the previous year. Used the process of innovation to create a new business with more than seven figures in sales. Reduce turnover, improved morale and collaboration.

Utah Jazz Logo

Organized around shared values to improve unity and performance


Reduced insurance claims and absenteeism


Dramatically increased profits for the Larry H. Miller Automotive Group

Prestige Financial

Rapid business development in leading business to profitability

CableLink, Inc.

Development of international business ties led to increased sales

Gunthers Comfort Air

Improved sales and team communication processes

Lehi Roller Mills

Improved production and sales

Direct TV In Utah

Aligned management strategies with business growth to hit financial targets

CEntry Engineering

Created new organizational design after business was newly purchased

Harmon Management Company

Developed leadership teams

Matrixx Marketing

Reduced turnover of entry-level employees

W.W. Clyde & Co.

Trained upper management in leadership strategies

Delta Center (EnergySolutions Arena--Home of the Utah Jazz)

Developed alliances with customers and integrated their production focus

SunRoc Corporation

Improved internal alliances with other members of parent corporation

Neways International

Developed leadership strategies for home office and leaders of distribution networks

Beehive Insurance

Developed internal leadership planning and strategies

Financial Planning Association of Minnesota

Enrolled largest one-year enrollment in its history

Geneva Rock Construction Co.

Improved production, delivery, and profitability

Financial Planning Association of America

Used leadership plan in all nine units across the country

Jordan Commons Megaplex Theatres

Developed new marketing strategies