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Recommendations & Testimonials

Bottom line is that our partnership with 6Innovations generated incredible results. Last year we increased net profits by 71% over the previous year and did so during a historically difficult climate for our practice area.  I can recommend 6Innovations and their model of consulting and training without reservation.

Jared Ellis, President
Myler Disability

"The [Catalyst Leadership System] is revolutionary and its results are extraordinary. People are working together much more cooperatively, efficiencies have increased so much that they are right off the scale, and most importantly to me is that it will enable our business to move into a level of growth in a much more effective and easy manner.

Thomas Mower Sr., President/CEO


"We believe our management teams are stronger and work more effectively."

–Larry H. Miller, Owner/President
The Utah Jazz & Larry H. Miller Auto Group


"This leadership system has made a huge difference in our effectiveness and profitability. It has an unusual way of helping us identify and overcome obstacles that have inhibited our growth."

– Sherm Robinson, CEO
Lehi Roller Mills

"This leadership program has streamlined the core functions of our organization which has made us more efficient and more effective."

– Ben Chase, CEO
CableLink Inc.

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Catalyst System

A team centered focus to create skilled and confident leaders who know how to build teams resulting in increased company profitability, value, organizational culture, and employee health and performance.

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The power of the Catalyst System lies in its mission to guide teams through the process of managing change and improving business processes, so they identify strategies to create their own success, and then link individual and team transformation directly to top-end growth and the value of your company. Our clients succeed because we emphasize leadership at all levels, regardless of position and title. Leadership is a quality, not a title, and when everyone thinks and performs like a leader, everyone succeeds and businesses thrive.

What your team leaders will learn and need to know to make your company more profitable

Teams are the driving force behind the organization and source of motivation. To do this effectively, they will need to increase their capacity.

The Catalyst System can act as a toolkit for team organization.

 The Catalyst System is used to enable your people to become better and faster at executing strategic plans on time and under budget.

It guides your people through the process of using their initiative to identify and take advantage of neglected or not-yet identified areas of increased efficiency and profitability.

It provides the conditions for people to forge internal alliances so collaborative that more work gets done with fewer people, reducing expenses while increasing sales and improving service to customers.

It builds a culture of innovation and sustained growth, which excites leaders and increases everyone’s willingness to invest more time and creativity to the objective of greater growth.

It organizes and directs a remarkable form of cooperative teamwork toward targets of efficiency and productivity, and innovation—creating a culture that allows you to better attract, engage, and retain top talent—which makes your company more competitive and profitable.

The Catalyst Leadership System Targets 6 Priorities 


Rejuvenate your employees and leaders by increasing their skills and their ability to successfully apply them.

Strong and capable leaders and management teams are what determine a company’s success, and the people in your company are its most important asset. The Catalyst Leadership System gives new ideas and a fresh perspective, which invigorates everyone and increases their motivation to excel.


Expedite the process of putting profitable ideas into motion to realize greater top-end growth.

An idea not in motion is as if the idea never happened. The Catalyst Leadership System ensures execution of profitable ideas and efficiency models so top-end growth is achieved.


Generate innovation to identify new profitable markets, customers, products, and services.

Innovation leads to steady growth and makes your company perpetually relevant and competitive because advancement is continuous and trendsetting—regardless of market fluctuation.  


Reduce disruptive politics by unifying teams who focus on greater efficiency and productivity.

The Catalyst Leadership System effectively unifies team and gets everyone to focus on reducing expenses and increasing productivity. Teams that are unified by enhanced collaboration and communication are more efficient, so not only is more achieved with lower cost to the company, but better sales methods are identified.


Boost marketing and technology application.

The Catalyst Leadership System creates a platform that 1) accelerates the rate and efficiency of applying new and necessary technology to your company processes to increase profitability, and 2) positions teams to identify, create, and execute profit-generating marketing strategies in any type of industry economy.


Implement proactive financial strategies.

The Catalyst Leadership System enables the creation and application of proactive financial strategies that simultaneously reduce cost and identify previously unrecognized opportunities of profitability.

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