Building Rapport with Team Members

Building Rapport with Team Members and CoWorkers



1. Find out about each person

            • Show genuine interest in others

            • What are their likes and dislikes?

            • What do they expect out of their jobs?

            • Where are they from?

            • What are their career goals and ambitions?

            • If they could go anywhere or do anything, where would they go or what would

               they do?


2. Share about yourself

            • What are your likes and dislikes?

            • What is important to you?

            • What are some of your career goals or ambitions?

            • If you could do anything or go anywhere, what would you do or where would

               you go?


3. Pay attention

            • Recognize others’ accomplishments

            • Notice and reward good performance

            • Be perceptive to verbal and nonverbal language and behavior

            • Demonstrate that people are more important than things


4. Encourage, support, and assist

            • Be supportive of others’ efforts

            • Recognize when help is needed

            • Let people grow and develop by trying new things, but be available to offer assistance

               and encouragement when confidence or knowledge is lacking


5. Seek to understand before evaluating

            • Ask to find out before jumping to conclusions.

            • Recognize that at the heart of many mistakes are good intentions.


6. Coach and counsel when appropriate

            • Coaching comes into play when there is a lack of ability. Coaching then takes on the

                form of explaining, demonstrating, practicing, and giving feedback

            • Counseling is appropriate when there is a problem with attitude. Counseling then

                takes on the form of finding out or discovering the concern, seeking to understand or

                showing empathy, and jointly resolving the concern