Fix Problems Faster

Problems persist when teams lack both knowledge and confidence to effectively organize to fix them. These problems might involve a breakdown in communication, collaboration, idea sharing/innovation, responsibility to self and others, to list a few. Our team leader training program prepares leaders with the tools and strategies to organize the people in their teams to create a new culture where teams work together willingly and productively and become more innovative in their strategies. This new level of unity and innovation solves problems faster, and it eliminates the potential for future problems. 

We've helped numerous businesses create high-performing, innovative cultures for their teams by introducing a strategic method that combines leadership and tools of innovation and then applies these strategies to both leaders and team members. Our model of expert advice, coaching, and online training—accessible to ALL team members—makes innovating to solve problems successful because it creates a common platform of execution that speeds problem solving, idea generation, collaboration, production, and efficiency among teams.

How the Larry H. Miller Auto Company Increased Profits Using Tools of Innovation

The Larry H. Miller Automotive company used the tools of team-led innovation to organize profitable relationships among productive, but previously disconnected, departments—sales, service, parts, and marketing. The increased collaboration and innovation among personnel and different departments led to new cost-effective methods, new revenue streams, and improved sales—especially during seasons traditionally slower in sales. During the next six years, their profits exceeded everyone’s expectations. The pieces were there all the time; the structuring of these pieces is what created new innovation and a new high-performing culture that continues today.

This model of structuring teams for innovation and greater collaboration is what 6innovations specializes in.