Team Innovation

  • Build & Fix Teams
  • Be Innovative: Put Ideas in Motion
  • Jump Start Sales
  • Expand Your Market
  • Cut and Control Costs
  • Attract & Develop Top Talent
  • Reinvent, Restructure & Streamline
  • Develop Extraordinary Customer Service
  • Team-Led Innovation
  • pioneers a unique method of educating all employees simultaneously. You can change anything when everyone learns what everyone should know. We put our training approach in team language and help teams communicate and innovate so you are better prepared for the future.

    The rate of growth you desire for your organization typically depends on how fast the right people learn at the right time. Identify your challenges, goals, or problems, and let us help you create a training program that will build the capacity of those who are to carry out solutions and achieve new goals.

    We created a customized program for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Utah (now Regency), who wished to reduce absenteeism and eliminate frivolous insurance claims by their own employees. We met with their managers, interviewed employees, and created a training program that more than 85% of their personnel participated in. They collected the results, and, according to their reports, they achieved a 36% reduction in absenteeism in six months and a large reduction in baseless insurance claims, saving thousands of dollars.

    We are effective because our learning system brings experts together with your team leaders, who define the direction, select the outcomes, and organize a plan to achieve the objectives. And while implementing the training program we create, they forge a strong sense of teamwork, which increases commitmLeadershipent to execute. We gather information and design what you want, get your approval, put your learning program online where your employees have access to it from either work or home. We show you how to measure the results, and we provide methods so team leaders can monitor everyone’s participation. You will quickly see that these customized programs, organized in our learning system, do what you wantand frequently provide something extra.