Solve Interpersonal Conflict

Interpersonal conflict disrupts the ability of any organization to be fully effective. Our team leadership and innovation system provides the foundation for how to communicate clearly and accurately, negotiate differences, successfully manage meetings, and create a strong sense of loyalty and unity that resolves conflict and will get your team back on the path of effective execution.

One of our clients, Minnesota Financial Planning Association, used our team leadership pattern to solve interpersonal conflict. Because their teams were trained to use the same system, the situations where they previously experienced conflict decreased. Their leadership improved. The effectiveness of their teams improved and they increased their membership by 35% in one year. This increase was so successful that our approach was adopted by their national organization, Financial Planners Association of America, which had 99 state members. Our unique method of training team leaders and team members simultaneously enabled them to give people a sense of earned success and the freedom to create it.