Mentoring Leadership

Mentoring Leaders Drive Business Growth

We mentor your leaders and train them to unify and motivate teams to create a high performing company culture                       

Leaders who mentor effectively are the driving force behind creating the uncommon unity, trust, collaboration, and selflessness among teams that make companies agile, efficient, innovative, and profitable. Companies that thrive with mentoring leaders succeed because they create an advanced level of professional relationships that are the foundation of company culture. Your company's culture is what allows or prohibits your company to innovate, adjust to change, organize teamwork, and grow.

We mentor your leaders to develop their abilities as leaders who mentor their teams, and we support them as they create the professional relationships in their teams that generate profitable innovation and performance. 

RESULTSLarry H Miller Dealerships

300% GrowthLarry H. Miller Automotive and Group of Companies is a large company with multiple departments in the same areas, but operated without unity. Mentoring leaders and establishing a new culture of communication and collaboration among teams, contributed to LHM tripling net profitability over a three year period.

Mentor to Solve Problems

Recurrence of problems is evidence of a lack of change, innovation, and leadership. We mentor your leaders and support teams as they organize to better adapt to challenges—internal and external to your teams and company. By mentoring effectively, leaders and teams prevent many of the most common problems because unity and common focus already exists. When challenges do occur, the impact is mitigated because teams understand how to organize themselves and support and communicate with each other to solve problems.


Myler disability logo

Million dollar idea—Myler Disability was at a challenging point in their industry when many companies struggled. Myler's teams were disconnected and lacked communication and unity. By mentoring their leaders, their teams unified themselves, increased efficiency and innovation, which established a new company culture where teams identified new efficiencies. This uncommon unity among teams and company culture, combined with implemented tools of innovation, literally led to a new million dollar business for their company. Myler Disability increased profitability by 71% in Q3 of one reported year.

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We mentor based on the needs of your leaders and company. We work with individuals who need additional support or with entire organizations and multiple team leaders. 

Services we provide

  • Live mentoring
  • Online Training and eLearning
  • Mobile App customization