A Working Agenda For Problem Solving Teams

Working Agenda for Problem-Solving Teams



1. Identify and define the problem

            • Gather information

            • Encourage all involved to give input

            • Clearly state the problem that needs to be solved

            • Determine whose problem it is


Once the problem is clearly stated, agreed upon, and written down, then:


2. Come up with possible solutions

            • Involve the entire team in generating alternative solutions

            • Wait to evaluate alternatives

            • Build on other’s proposed solutions


When the group has listed several possible solutions, then:


3. Evaluate and determine the best solution

            • Test each possible solution against the facts

            • Test solutions against the stated goals and objectives of your company

            • Identify the pros and cons of each alternative

            • Select the solution that matches your goals, is most likely to be carried out, and

               fully solves the problem

            • Clearly state the solution you decided to implement


Once the solution to the problem is clearly stated, agreed upon, and written down, then:


4.  Create a well thought out proposal for a solution

            • Communicate what needs to be done and by whom

            • Decide when everything needs to be done. Make sure the timing is right

            • Determine how you will implement the solution


Implement the action plan and schedule the evaluation time.


5. Implement proposal

            • Have the courage to proceed with the implementation

            • Allow opportunities for feedback

            • Be flexible


During implementation, monitor how the action plan is being carried out.


6. Evaluate and monitor progress

            • Establish a system to monitor the results

            • Evaluate how well the solution is being implemented

            • Gather information. Assess effectiveness of the solution

            • Adapt and adjust where necessary