Do More Without Increasing Costs

Our extraordinary team leadership and innovation training program produces a remarkable result of improving everyone's performance. This is why high-performance teams produce more than individuals working alone. We are confident we can help you learn how to motivate others to do more without increasing your costs. This is because we offer training in teamwork combined with innovation and then apply that to executing your plans to get more done.

The management team at Utah's EnergySolutions Arena (formerly the Delta Center) had to find a way to control their costs while they improved their service to hundreds of thousands of customersincluding their most famous customer, the Utah Jazz. Both worked together to improve food service, security, building changes, people movement and traffic, seating, and entertainment. Their management team used our team-led innovation approach to identify their best customers and when to communicate with them. They trained their personnel to unify around their values of being organized to meet deadlines and meet and greet the thousands of people who used their facilities. They accomplished more without increasing costs, which has made them one of the best-run sports venues in the NBA. Theirs is a very remarkable and successful story.