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The New Entrepreneur Executive

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The New Entrepreneur Executive

This course is about leadership uniquely designed to ensure growth and organizational improvement. Our study of Entrepreneurial Executive Leadership has identified five specific leadership practices:

  1. The entrepreneur executives perform a relatively new role where the visionary qualities of the entrepreneur are combined with the steady management of organizational processes usually attributed to good executive leaders.
  2. They display a set of leadership attributes, which should not be viewed as personality traits alone but deserve to be understood in terms of their strategic impact on people and on relationships with other people.
  3. They look at organizations in a new way and use the dynamics of the organization to strategically promote increased collaboration, teamwork, problem solving, and creativity.
  4. They teach and promote principles of entrepreneurial leadership throughout the organization, which every person can apply and which gives everyone the tools of innovation.
  5. To nurture ongoing innovation, their long-term objective is to create an entrepreneurial institution and implement leadership especially suited for that purpose.


  • For leaders in start up companies wanting to ensure your success
  • Individuals wanting to give their organization a new push and become more efficient
  • Executives wanting to improve their leadership


  • Learning a new form of leadership that meets the demands of faster moving targets and business conditions

  • Acquiring and building on three forms of capital, 1) human, 2) social and 3) institutional

  • Using the traditional dynamics of the organization in a new way to produce commitment and motivation

  • Creating a smarter more adaptive organization that nurtures innovation

  • Facilitating continuous exploration and idea generation to improve performance

  • Teaching all employees to act and think like an entrepreneur
The New Entrepreneur Executive