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Leadership and Innovation for Team Members

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In this course, you will learn to improve yourself and your abilities and apply teamwork skills — whether you work alone or with an organized team. You will also learn and use the tools of innovation that make teams and individuals more successful.

The innovative approach to this course includes three elements: (1) a leadership pattern that, when followed, produces improved performance and high-quality teamwork, (2) a set of tools that enable a person or team to grow or start and complete innovation, and (3) flash training programs that are designed to teach new individual skills that will help you more effectively build your capacity. Combining these three elements enables you to:

1) Communicate more clearly and effectively

2) Be more creative and add value to the people you work with

3) Improve decision making efficiency and follow through

4) Make meetings more productive

5) Make your work more enjoyable because you like those you work with and are better liked by others


This training program is designed for all team members and individuals



  • Learn how to become effective at teamwork
  • Learn the tools of innovation
  • Build Your Capacity
  • Become a strategic thinker
  • Improve your creativity
  • Develop improved communication skills
  • Become more responsible for your assignments and accountable to those you work with
  • Complete your work on time and help others succeed
Leadership and Innovation for Team Members