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Coaching works because it results in increased productivity. There is a huge return on investment because we are there to ensure implementation takes place.


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Mentoring: The Vital Link

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The purpose of business mentoring is to increase the overall effectiveness of people so they do their work faster and more efficiently than they would after simply learning on the job, learning from someone who may not be the best example, or learning through periodic hour- or day-long group training meetings. Mentoring is now being considered by more companies as the first training method of choice because we are recognizing that people gradually learn—and will continue to learn, unless otherwise guided—both what is positive and negative. Mentoring is the method that insures that you weigh learning in favor of the positive outcomes you seek. When applied well, mentoring is the vital step between the status quo and the growth many businesses wish to achieve.


  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors


You will learn the vital steps to mentoring individuals and when applied correctly, mentoring can strengthen, promote, and enhance those who are coached to develop a stronger sense of personal power, confidence, health, well being, and individuality. The stronger and more competent people become, the more fully they can contribute to their work.

Mentoring: The Vital Link - Leadership & Innovation Training