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May 26, 2016


Jared Ellis, President of Myler Disability

To whom it may concern:

Our organization is a national legal advocacy group that assists disabled individuals with matters related to Social Security and/or Medicare.  We have attorneys in 35 states, clients nationwide and have conducted business since the mid 1990s.

We hired 6Innovations, owned by A. Lynn Scoresby and Associates, with the goal of creating better unity among the executive team and to provide training to our roughly 25 managers. Our business situation required a greater emphasis on efficiency, and because of cultural and leadership challenges, we believed we needed an outside consulting group to help us.  Nearly three years later, I can report that we got much more than anticipated and are exceptionally pleased with our results. 

With the assistance and guidance of their trainers, we learned 6innovation’s basic leadership model that provides a set of fundamental leadership principles. These principles are adapted to each company so they identify their greatest needs and create the type of culture to achieve the desired outcomes. Their stated objective of finding and developing new leaders and spreading positive leadership throughout our organization has clearly taken place. This system of leadership is combined with a set of tools for innovation, and under the direction of 6innovations coaching, we taught this model to our executives and to over five hundred employees.  I can say that it created an environment and a sense of leadership that motivated literally hundreds of changes that resulted in increased organizational effectiveness and profitability.

We raised the bar for our managers on what it means to be an effective leader. Our managers now expect to take those they manage to places of productivity they have never achieved and they do this without prodding from upper management.  As I mentioned, their leadership model and their coaching enabled us to create a climate that fosters the sharing of ideas and of taking calculated risks. We markedly increased employee moral and reduced turnover.  We significantly improved communication between departments with the goal that everyone needs to know what everyone else knows. 

Our departments are now interconnected and very collaborative.  Our managers have a sense of shared responsibility for company success.  Before our work with 6Innovations, managers were largely isolated and focused primarily on the goals of their department.  Whereas now, our managers all understand how their roles relate to other departments and they effectively collaborate to achieve the best outcome.  We better coalesce as an executive team and are better managers and communicators.  And perhaps best of all, we enjoy much better relationships and experience higher levels of job satisfaction. 

Bottom line is that our partnership with 6Innovations generated incredible results. Last year we increased net profits by 71% over the previous year and did so during a historically difficult climate for our practice area.  We succeeded while a number of our competitors either closed their doors or experienced lower margins.  In addition, the process of innovation we learned inspired us to review new options.  As a result we started new businesses related to our practice.  One of these businesses is a marketing company that leverages our monthly marketing spending into new revenue producing verticals.  Last year this company alone grew to roughly 20 employees with sales of more than seven figures. 

In short I can recommend 6Innovations and their model of consulting and training without reservation.

—Jared Ellis, President Myler Disability

May 2017

Wanted to drop you a note to say hello and to let you know that May was the biggest month in our history in terms of hearings won as a % and the highest month in our history in terms of the raw number of total allowances.  Also in record territory on fees as the cases we're winning pay the biggest fees.  Our repositioning strategy we put in place early 2015 is paying dividends!  
We still hold 6 Innovations training meetings and have great memories of our interactions - all the wisdom about ducks and geese and the many fun times! 
You're amazing and the impact you made continues to endure!
—Jared Ellis, President Myler Disability