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6i Catalyst App for network marketing

The 6i Catalyst app is the bridge to where you are now and where you want to be.

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se good leadership drives profitability, then finding a better way to get good leadership at every level in your company may be your greatest need and the best decision you'll ever make.



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Features of the App

6i Catalyst network marketing leadership duplication system

Jump Start
Jump Start is designed to help new builders start faster and maintain momentum by implementing proven strategies for contacting, following up, closing classes, building teams, solving common problems, and more. 

Jump Start puts the right resources in your hands so you can build your business with confidence. Duplicate success faster by sharing Jump Start with your teams and build faster to hit your rank goals.
High Performance Leadership System

"To take people to places they've never been before, you must be willing to go there yourself."

The secret to success is being able to motivate yourself and your leaders to higher levels of performance. Boost motivation by eliminating fear and instilling the freedom to create. Discover the process to innovate and create profitable ideas, and then and apply them to these 6 essential goals to elevate entire teams:

  1. Create strong builders
  2. Increase volume
  3. Boost leader motivation
  4. Hit rank faster
  5. Improve product knowledge and teaching
  6. Enroll more people

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With the right tools in your hands, literally, you have the power to create any level of success you want. The Library gives you immediate access to solutions to common network marketing challenges. Use these tools to improve how you contact, follow up, and close classes. Increase loyalty program enrollments, and build your leaders so you have more confident, faster growing teams!

Success+ Project Planner Library (Future Upgrade)
Success comes when good ideas are put into action and strategies are carried out (execution). Unlock Success+ and use it to create and execute strategies so you experience the fruits of your efforts
Progress Tracker (Future Upgrade)

If you are serious about being a business professional, you need to track your progress. This tool makes it easy to track your progress and the progress of your team in 4 essential business building areas: 1) Volume, 2) Enrollments, 3) Classes, 4) Builders. Better utilize strong strategies and eliminate ineffective ones that slow your success. 

Reminders to Execute!

6i Catalyst leads where other leadership programs fail their users. 6i Catalyst will prompt you to execute your ideas and strategies so you can succeed. You control your success.


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